Shrinkhala Khatiwada (Nepal) Wins the Multimedia Awards in Miss Nepal 2018

Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Nepali social media users took Shrinkhala Khatiwada way to the number one spot to grab the multimedia award in Miss World 2018 being held in Sanya China. She secured her place in the Miss World Top 30; after winning the Multimedia challenge which evaluates the contestants based on all social media platforms, audience engagement, creative content, and influence.

After careful deliberation and viewing the multimedia videos from all contestants for two separate awards, a panel of Miss World Multimedia Experts including Mr. Tang – deputy chief of Sanya Tourism come to the decision on who would be in the top 5 for the Sanya tourism video awards based on the creative content, use of various editing software and displaying knowledge of Sanya.

The second was the overall Multimedia Award based on the social media platforms, audiences engagement, creative content, and influence, which secures the winner with the top 30 of Miss World Final 2018.

The top 3 overall Multimedia Finalists are-

  1. Nepal
  2. Mexico
  3. Kenya

This year the Miss World Multimedia Challenge has pushed boundaries, broken barriers and has caused social-media to be ablaze! The record amounts of social media traffic generated by all 118 delegates from social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, MobStar, Twitter and ModelPowerLive have been staggering!

The 2018 Miss World contestants have jumped at the opportunity to raise their social media profile – using a variety of content; documenting their amazing journey, showcasing the wonders of beautiful Sanya, and highlighting the powerful work of Beauty With A Purpose.

Multimedia Award miss Nepal
Official post from Miss World

In addition to the usual Miss World Multimedia Challenge, this year, the contestants were further required to create their own unique promotional video of Sanya.  This was a most exciting exercise and the videos produced, revealed how much the delegates are enjoying their time in beautiful Sanya.  These videos, which were all very impressive, were judged by a multimedia panel, to include Mr. Tang – Vice Chief Sanya Tourism.

After careful deliberation, the multimedia panel selected the top five videos – voted best Sanya Tourism promotional videos.  The videos securing the top spots were:

Fifth – England

Fourth – Puerto Rico

Third – Nepal

Second – China PR

First – Kenya

As a reward for their creativity, the top five Sanya Tourism Promo Videos were given the amazing news that their videos will be posted on the Sanya Tourism website for visitors and residents of Sanya to enjoy. Additionally, the five delegates received Miss World Medals.

Miss Nepal, the Multimedia Challenge winner now joins:

France (Top Model Winner)

Japan (Talent Winner)

USA (Sports Woman)

Mauritius (Head to Head)

Venezuela (Head to Head)

Bangladesh (Head to Head)

Chile (Head to Head)

Malaysia (Head to Head)

India (Head to Head)

Singapore (Head to Head)

Thailand (Head to Head)

Mexico (Head to Head)

Uganda (Head to Head)

Now, the remaining delegates have their eyes set on the Beauty With A Purpose FastTrack – where the top five projects will advance – or hoping to win over the Miss World expert panel of judges for one of the 10 spots available on December 8 on the Miss World Final stage.

Source – Miss World

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